Phishers Phuck off! Autumn 2016 – #EasyListening

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Hello Everybody-Peeps!

Welcome back to the site! As in the site itself. You see, during the time of recording #EasyListening (more on that below), I got bombed and couldn’t get into this site or use it. The hosts took it down and generally it wasn’t nice experience. The official term is “Phishing Scam” and it’s when the internet’s lowlifes hack a page and try to redirect traffic to it, where they enter their passwords and lose things like banking security. Not very nice at all and was gutted it happened here at Munro HQ. Happily in the past now and hopefully won’t happen again!

A huge THANKS to Dave Barber (message me for his details) for getting this site back from the grave and functioning again. A good website is something I had always prided myself upon so to lose it like that, albeit temporarily like that was a blow.

Anyway, lots to tell you all. Firstly I have had a CD out in public for a month or so. I called it #EasyListening and I sold out of all pressed copes in a week! It consisted of my live music set recorded at home and was my first venture into capturing my live sound on a long player.

Of course it is a shame that those sales won’t count towards the charts (heh, no barcodes and the boot of my car is not an ‘official retail outlet’) but regardless, I was proud to complete something with the production skills I have.

All in all #EasyListening was a great experience and I learned a lot from it. I would like to share a track from it with you. I called this one “Love of the Night” and it is a mixture of 3, 90’s dance songs. Can you guess what they are? Maybe a prize draw for copy of the #EasyListening CD for those that do(?);

Plenty of gigs in the pipeline, live music people head over to the calendar page to see which ones suit you! Definitely inform fans of Live Music to come and see me play even if it is not in your own town! There is also talk of me venturing out across NZ a bit more is so with a bit of duck-shooting I can make that a reality soon.

I am also in the process of writing a new originals E.P too. It’s very hard to say what sort of musical genre/form it is taking but am producing it on my own, suffice to say expect a departure from my previous release. I’ve had to study a bit of audio engineering to tighten up the standard of skills expected for someone to consider themselves a ‘producer’ so hopefully the pressure won’t break me and I get to the finish line. Fortunately I have had dealings with music recording software over the years so it’s more of a case that I add to previous knowledge with a bit of knowing the old basics.

On a similar note, I have also felt that maybe it’s time for a producer name for me. Any suggestions are welcome. Before you suggest it “@bsolute W@nker” is taken by someone else. Namely the person (Phisherman) who shut this site down (read above).

Anyway, hopefully I shall get the formula right and there will be a fresh original track with link here soon!

Keep in touch everyone.


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