London, New Year and cold stuff…..

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Dear everyone,

I realise I’m late in talking about all of the above things in the title, but I thought I would say HELLO nonetheless!

So, hope everything is well with you. I am back in London at present recording some new stuff at home and getting back into writing songs. 

I am just using the law of averages to get good at the demoing on the new software I am coming to grips with, then hopefully I will upload the new stuff to my soundcloud page and supplement it into the website here, so you can all have a listen. 

I haven’t any plans or major news to tell you in regards to what 2013 is going to bring other than that. I would like to get into some co-writing and production so if you would like to work with me please feel free to get in touch. 

Check the gig list for chances for seeing my live performances and feel free to submit any gig enquiries towards me in the contact section. I am available in London until around April when I will return to Maldives and restart my work with One & Only Reethi Rah at their very premier property.

So take care, and have a look at this photo taken by a friend out on a sandbank at Reethi Rah. Also the headline image is of me having a spot of morning tea in Berlin. Either I’ve shrunk or they like a lot of beverage over there in Germany. Thanks to Mantaray for the deer-stalker hat I have on. 






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